At essexrefurb we are like everybody else feeling the strains of the price hikes of materials such as Timber, Foam, Fabrics, Paints etc
so as a family company we are in discussions about how we can adapt change and grow in different ways in how we use the materials and have less waste and even use the waste products and materials we have over, such as all the off cuts from the rolls of fabrics and foams, the wood off cuts etc
We are about to start producing cushions in which off cuts of fabrics and foams will be put to good use and add to our booth seating some nice colourful accessories as separate little side orders to compliment the seating.
Also a service  of replacing/recovering stool tops for customers wishing to update the look of their stools without having to purchase a new stool again using off cut fabric and wood. 
As for the hundreds of wood off cuts we accumulate we are thinking of some little side tables of different sizes depending on what we have around at the time.
we all want to do our bit for climate change and at the same time save money and create something out of materials that would be taken to the landfill.
Our booth seating materials are all sourced from local companies with keeping our carbon footprint in mind and giving our local businesses that much needed custom.
We will keep adapting and growing and doing what we can as a business to keep as sustainable and productive as we can while keeping the quality, style and design right there at the top.

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