Built in our own workshops made to your specification.
Upholstery style is your choice you can have plain back, fluted back, 2 colour fluted, deep button back, or a specific design in mind we would be happy to help you create any design you are looking for.
Depending on the look you want to achieve these are a few examples of the
different types of seat style for the back rest of your seating, if there
is another style you would like we are happy to work with you to achieve
the look you want.
Plain Back
This is a simple cost effective option and gives a clean and simple look.
You can add a bright fabric or pattern or a neutral faux leather for a classic
Button Back
Gives a more plush look, you can have deep button, float button, button back, with many different buttons including crystal for that bling look or a contrasting colour button.
Fluted Back
Fluted back is an elegant effect that adds more depth.
There are many different types of flutes including Full Flute, Pocket Flute & Stitch Flute, you could have alternate colours to spice it up or to give a Diner
retro look.

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